Why choose us?

Simply the best choice when it comes to supplying any category of vehicle including non-standard and adapted vehicles across the entire UK.

What do we do?

Put simply we can supply any type of vehicle for your customers or policy holders. Premier Assist are the best there is when it comes to the hard to find. That’s why our Trademark is “Where unique is not unusual”.

What’s in it for you?

We ensure you fulfil 100% of your customer requirements, regardless of how hard the vehicle is to source, at fantastic rates. Ensuring maximum conversion. Even if you have current suppliers or contractual obligations, you should consider Premier Assist to fill any gaps.

Try us without obligation for hard to find vehicles. Put us to the test and you’ll be delighted with the results. We work in harmony with you and your suppliers, fitting in seamlessly.

A Proven History and Track Record

With over 17 years of experience we are one of the longest established and experienced providers of vehicles to Legal Expenses Insurance companies and the Credit Hire industry. As an Associate Member of the Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) we’ve been involved with the CHO since its inception, using our influence to ensure there is a focus on value, common sense and longevity in an arena that has been at times controversial.

Truly unique

We have a unique, true broker model that does not mimic others who rely on one/several main/sole suppliers who then sub-contract work themselves.


Our established, tried and tested network has over 4,000 locations, meaning we have unrivalled breadth and depth of coverage and are not restricted to single supplier limitations like most others. This unique network gives us access to over a quarter of a million vehicles including specialised and adapted vehicles and motorcycles and we have the unique ability to procure, buy or build at a moment’s notice.

Our experience and proven ability to source and provide the widest range of vehicles including some of the most unusual requests you can imagine is second to none. We go above and beyond to find the best match for your customers and have a proven track record. Coupled with our expertise and understanding of the ABI GTA we will ensure your customer gets the vehicle they are entitled to and enhance the prospect of faster recovery.

A bit more about what makes us different and what we can do for you...

Full coverage means full coverage

Our no turn down policy is truly unique. No other CHO or Rental Company works like us. We don’t consider 90% to constitute a no turn down policy even on unusual vehicles. We are the only company offering a true no turn down policy. Premier Assist only says yes!

Premier Assist really comes into its own when it comes to the unusual. If your customer has a vehicle that is hard to replace, or non-listed. Premier Assist will build it, buy it or secure it to make sure your customer gets what they need.

Tow bars? Roof racks? Any other extras? No problem!

We can provide comprehensive insurance with matched or nil damage excess for fault and non-fault accidents.

We really do strive to be as inclusive as possible and unlike many competitors we include drivers under 25 or over 70.

Expert advice

Premier Assist’s depth of knowledge and breadth of supply chain means we help to identify not just vehicle requirements but the actual needs of your customer, however unusual they may be.

Our team understands your business and your customers and will work in harmony with you.

We can support you in the recovery process, including witness statements setting out our in-depth expertise.

Our customers love us

Customer satisfaction comes as standard. We take customer service seriously. We survey our customers regularly. As a representative sample; between September 2014 and August 2015 we completed 2396 customer satisfaction surveys.

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